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logoIstanbul is surely one of the few great and exceptional cities, which are deservedly better known than their countries. As the only city on the earth situated in two continents, it has always been a centre of attraction and power throughout the history for kings, artists, scientists, poets and romantics with its unique location and gifted natural aura. Dating back its urban life to the 7th millenium BC according to the latest excavations, it served as the capital for Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires and is currently the cultural economical and touristic capital of Turkey, with its ravishingly rich historical, natural and architectural countenance.

Istanbul is not only about its monumental mosques, Bosphorus, the Bridges, Hagia Sofia, Maiden Tower and imperial palaces, but it also means great parks, a distinguished metropolitan spirit, an extraordinarily rich culinary culture and seductive variety of shopping options.
In Istanbul, you can walk through both twilit galleries of history and the colourful lights of a cosmopolitan city life, both of which will leave you with unforgettable and long-lasting memories.

City Windows Travel offers 3 sightseeing tours through Istanbul, which are worth to be seen.

Bosphorus Sightseeing Tour
You may not have enough time to spend around in order to feel the same way as the poet. But, at least, this tour offer the easiest and best way to obsorve all the major highlights of this City of romance, history, culture and natural beauty, with eyes open.
It promises to be an experience to remember! Like all our other tours, it departs from Hagi Sofia. Going through Old City monuments, it extends to Besiktas and Taksim area to allow the observance of more modern monuments and then continues with Bosphorus and the Bridge, in which East meets West, Heaven joins Earth and the wonder of nature unites with history and excotism.
After having a break at Beylerbeyi Palace which allows observance of Europe from Asia, the bus goes back the the starting poing following the same route. For full route, please read Night Tour and check the route map.

Bosphorus Night Sightseeing Tour
The night tour that takes you to a fantastic journey of Istanbul in dusk and offers a variety of different sights and experiences. The tour will start in Old Istanbul. Our bus departs from Hagi Sofia and goes down to the seaside and over Galata Bridge that offers a splendid view of Bosphoros and Golden Horn. Then it will go through Karakoy Port, Kabatas and Dolmabahce palace, one of the 19th century monuments.
The tour will then take you toward Taksim Square, the most multi-cultural centre of the city that uniquely combines history and modern city life, through Gumussuyu Street. Following a round at the square, the tour continues toward Besiktas shore, which allows you to see Inonu Stadium on the way. Leaving Besiktas behind, the bus heads to Bosphorus Bridge through Barbaros Boulevard where you can see Yildiz Palace, the power centre of Hamidian period of Ottoman period and some other modern sites. Then you will tour to Asia, crossing Bosphours bridge through the fantastic view of Bosphorus, streaming between Europe and Asia. While you are enjoying the sondown and breeze blowing from the sea, you will get an unprecented experience of observing the unique silhoutte of Istanbul with the imperial peninsula, mosques, palaces, hills and skyscapers at the background. Then you will reach Beylerbeyi Palace, a summer royal palace off the stream, which gives an oppurtunity to observe Istanbul from Anatolian side. Having a little break there, the tour will take to Camlica Woods, one of the famous seven hills that has an extraordinary panaromic view of Bosphorus, and European and Asian sides of the city. On the way back, the bus follows the route of Akaretler, Tarlabasi Boulevard and Ataturk Bridge to reach Hagi Sophia Museum.

Golden Horn Tourharita
Golden Horn Route offers a combination of culture, history and nature. While exploring the unique beauties of Golden Horn, you will also make a cultural journey through different civilizations and the depth of spiritual side of the City.
Starting from Hagi Sofia, the bus goes through Sirkeci Train station and Yeni Mosque to reach Golden Horn where meets all three religions‘ significant highlights: Aya Nichola Church, The Ecumenical Fener Patriarchate, the centre of Ortodox world; Ahrida Synagogue and Jewish Hospital and Eyüp Sultan Mosque and Tomb, one of the most visited Muslim religious sites. Then Eyup district, the Cable car that connects to Pierre Loti hill will be passed. Following Handan Aga, Aynali Kavak Palace and Bankacilar street, the bus get back to the starting point via Ataturk Bridge.

Luxury Bosphourus Yacht Tours
Go with the waves between the shores of your soul and the City & Enjoy the sea of history and natural beauties. One can not claim to have completed his/her trip to Istanbul without sightseeing the splendor of the City from Bosphours.
City Windows Travel offer a spectacular experience of sightseeing tour and private hires in Bosphorus and runs regular cruises with its fleet of luxury yachts for sea . Our luxury yachts accommodate between 8-12 passengers. For more information on sightseeing cruises and private hires

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